About me

Hi there, I’m Jessica.

Thank you so much for visiting me. I’m a chef and originally started studying photography as a hobby. My sweet little family got me my first “real” camera for Christmas. I fell in love with the creativity, magic, and emotion that can be brought out in a picture. I have always loved pictures and what they represent. I love that I can look back at special moments and remember details that we sometimes forget and to give other people that gift as well.

My greatest ambition is to create powerful images that tell a story and create emotion. There are few better feelings than looking at a beautiful picture of your loved ones. Life gets busy, everyone grows a little older, but we will always have our photographs to take us back in time.

During your shoot or portrait session, I will assist and direct you through posing and expression. I will help you and your family to feel comfortable in front of the camera, so we can incorporate both posed and natural moments on your special day.